Let’s use JAPAN RAIL PASS.Kumagaya City SAKURA Festival.

I’m Tomoemon.We have started again this time. Blogging in English Series.

We live in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, about an hour by train from Tokyo. Compared to Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, and other tourist destinations, there are very few tourist attractions. It is my hometown, and I think it is very unfortunate.😢

However! Spring in Kumagaya is very amazing. It is transformed into a famous sightseeing spot that produces more wonderful “sakura” (cherry blossoms) than the famous “Shinjuku Gyoen” in Tokyo.

I would like to introduce “Cherry blossoms in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture” where spring will be in full swing from now on.





About Kumagaya Sakurazutsumi in Kumagaya City.

Long history

It has been known as a famous cherry blossom viewing spot since the Edo period, about 400 years ago.


Japan’s Choice for SAKURA.

Kumagaya’s Sakura Tsutsumi was selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan on March 3, 1990 by the Japan Sakura Association in recognition of its venerable history and beauty.


How to get to Kumagaya from Tokyo.

How to get from Tokyo Station to Kumagaya Station.

Board the JR Takasaki Line. If you can take the train bound for Takasaki, you can arrive at Kumagaya Station without changing trains.



From Shinjuku Station to Kumagaya Station.

Please board the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line. Choose the line bound for Takasaki.

❗️To get to Kumagaya, choose the Takasaki-bound train and you will definitely arrive there.




Can I take a bus from the airport to Kumagaya Station?🚌

A.Of course.Limousine buses are available from Haneda and Narita airports.



Reservations can be made through this website.

Airport Limousine(リムジンバス予約Web)

Booking through this site is easy.👍Reservations can also be made at the bus reservation counter at the airport.


Can I take the Shinkansen to Kumagaya Station?🚅

A.Of course.The Shinkansen bullet train runs from Tokyo Station to Kumagaya Station.



Where are the best places to see SAKURA  in Kumagaya?

The best place to visit is the Sakurazutsumi in Kumagaya.🌸

When you arrive at Kumagaya Station, go out the south exit.Go straight for about 10 minutes and you will see the Kumagaya City Library on the left. Continue passing and you will see an embankment.

Kumagaya Sakurazutsumi can be seen along the Arakawa River. That will be the venue.

Lined with food stalls.🍔💓And you can also view the cherry blossoms at night. It is called Yozakura.






SAKURA in the daytime.


It is very nice.Too amazing.🌸✨I hope lots of people will share these photos on Instagram.The rape blossoms and cherry blossoms are the best colors.


 When is the SAKURA season?

A. Late March to early April. 

According to information from Japan Weather Corporation, this year’s bloom is expected to be a few days earlier than usual.



Check here for Sakura data.🌸


Japan Weather Corporation.



The Japanese cherry blossom is a flower to be proud of in the world. Please enjoy the Japanese spring.😊🌸



最後までお読みいただきありがとうございました😊 Thank you.✨


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